7¢ HERM – “Send Word”

7¢ HERM is a rapper and songwriter from the 7th Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana. He’s the self-proclaimed “intergalactic pirate growing gardens in the bayou”. The bayou-born emcee is a positive voice in a city where vices and wrongdoings control the youth. “In New Orleans, we’ve had a growing problem with homelessness, with thousands living in tent communities beneath the raised interstate. I took that image and painted myself into their lifestyle. Taking this approach meant a lot to me, having relatives and others in my community deal with homelessness directly. I maintain my persona as a rapper, while keeping true to the homeless character throughout the video.”

7cent herm

“Send Word” begins with light and beautiful tones layered under guitar loops and the mellow vocals. The beat kicks in to a deep groove with modern hip-hop sound while Herm’s rhyming patterns tightly lock into every hit. The song has a relaxed vibe but the lyrical content gives it purpose and meaning, perfect for a chill session while also making you think. Top-notch production with classic influences give the ambitious vocal patterns a solid foundation, they work well together creating a completely realized sound. You can listen to “Send Word” and follow 7¢ HERM on the links below. Please continue to support artists like 7¢ HERM and share this music with everyone you know.

Twitter – twitter.com/7centHERM

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