The Music Butcher is a New York based music blog for music enthusiasts that want to discover independent music. The Music Butcher carefully curates independent artists and makes playlists from the best of the best. Subscribe to the blog and you wont miss a post. Have a read, have some fun and find some new music. Simple.

The Music Butcher is also for artists. A feature on the Music Butcher generates credibility as well as a degree of exposure. We want to help you get your music heard, and get you paid. We concentrate on the things that will make YOU money and help you gain more exposure with: Spotify plays, building your a fan base, publishing positive reviews, and offering the best artist’s resources.

The Music Butcher is excited to announce that it has partnered with Thurmopolis Media  and will be launching The Music Butcher Podcast. This series with host Sean Thurman will feature independent artists, their story and their music.

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