passionate, rousing, confident, boisterous, rowdy

Water From Fire is a musical collective from Charlotte, North Carolina that balances their music between Christian and secular, placing themes of faith in the setting of the modern world. The band consists of 6 members, John T. Woodall, Kevin… Read More ›

Cliffs and Caves – “Defiance”

Cliffs and Caves is a mother/daughter indie folk duo out of Texas. Lindsey and Claire Justice released their debut EP “Hold On” in 2017, recorded with Grammy-nominated producer Jamie Candiloro (Ryan Adams, R.E.M., The Eagles) and featured performances by legendary Willie Nelson harmonica player, Mickey Raphael. In February… Read More ›

Mr. Mac – “Long Haul”

Mr. Mac is the brainchild of Dan McLaughlin, an eclectic singer-songwriter from Honolulu. His influences include folk, rock, psychedellia, and power pop. ShadowBox was Mr. Mac’s first album and he is nearly finished with his second album, Invisible Lines. He… Read More ›