Artist Resources

Independent Musicians have to work hard to get their music noticed – create their own opportunities. Exposure is key to the success of any artist. The Music Butcher has prepared a short list of resources that we think are worth the time, effort, and investment.

The Album Release Checklist

Brian Hazard of Passive Promotion has a must read post: ‘The Definitive Album Release Checklist’. Brian is a terrific resource, sign up for all his posts and get lost in some old ones.

Great Resources

The Indie Bible is an essential resource for artists. It will provide you with contact information for thousands of music magazines, music bloggers and radio hosts. The Indie Bible also includes hundreds of labels and A&R people that want to hear your music.

Get Your Music in Front of the Masses

Get your music featured on music blogs. Support from a music blog publication generates credibility, as well as a degree of exposure.  Having your music written about in a publication will organically boost your online presence (Google), and maybe even give a nice jump to your play count. The Indie Bible is a great resource to access music blogs. Some blogs charge, so plan on a monthly budget.

Set up a campaign. For as little as $10, you can get your song played 500 times (and, while very minimal, you do get paid for those plays). has great analytics, a great tool to see which songs are responding best to the masses.

Focus on Spotify (for Artists), with its 40+ million paid subscribers and 100 million active user accounts. Success on this platform will have a big impact on your music career. Start by making playlists and add your own songs. If your song is featured on The Music Butcher it will be added to our Spotify Playlist.



If you have a question or proven advice for other artist, please email or leave a comment below.

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