Graham Bodenham – “Cross Words”

Graham Bodenham is an independent songwriter from Edinburgh, Scotland. Currently playing drums with Little Love & The Friendly Vibes and occasionally with The Ringos, while also spending some time as a professional sound engineer, backline tech and occasional DJ. On top of all of this productivity Bodenham still finds time to work on his own solo projects. He has recently released the video for the song “Cross Words”.


Euphoric guitar led intro full of positive energy and a full sound. The song quiets down for the verse and Bodenham’s deep raspy voice begins singing lyrics of lost love. He describes the song as “a song about personal survival and escaping from an abusive relationship by being positive and taking actions into your own hands.” The guitar leads into a powerful chorus with dramatic piano and a catchy melody. “Cross Words” is a track that has a deep reflective quality mixed with a feel good optimistic atmosphere. You can listen to “Cross Words” on our Prime Cuts Playlist on Youtube and follow Graham Bodenham on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Graham and share this music with everyone you know.

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