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  • Knuckle Pups – “Bottom Baby”

    Knuckle Pups are a “soda punk” band from Denver consisting of Tomas Campos on drums, Olivia Hendrick on omnichord, synth, and percussion, Chelo Aguirre on bass, lead guitar, and percussion, guitarist Chloe Greene and Oliver Holloway on rhythm baritone guitar,… Read More ›

  • Xaatu – “Ancients”

    Xaatu is the experimental project of 24-year-old producer Sandy Quigley from Whittonstall in the North-East, UK. He has received praise from BBC Introducing and is already building a loyal following on the live circuit. His variation of electronica is bass-heavy,… Read More ›

  • SKRU BOI Mixtape – “Boomers”

    SKRU BOI Mixtape is an experimental artist/producer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. In April 2020 he released the track “Boomers” and the accompanying video. The video was shot entirely on a Samsung Galaxy S9+. The video begins with eerie shots of a… Read More ›

  • Water From Fire is a musical collective from Charlotte, North Carolina that balances their music between Christian and secular, placing themes of faith in the setting of the modern world. The band consists of 6 members, John T. Woodall, Kevin… Read More ›

  • Conrad Ashton – “Time”

    Conrad Ashton is a singer/songwriter from Spennymoor County Durham who creates his own brand of true to life dance rock. Inspired by artists like The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Elvis, Conrad shares modern rock music that is firmly rooted… Read More ›

  • Break Fate – “Ferocity”

    Break Fate is a London based alternative/pop punk trio who have quickly earned a strong following of over 17K monthly listeners on Spotify with their unique style and the undeniable passion they put into their work. The band was formed in… Read More ›

  • The Impersonators – “Cloud Nine”

    The Impersonators are a sixties flavored pop-rock duo formed in 2013 by Tommi Tikka, a multi instrumentalist and the other half of Finnish pop/rock band Carmen Gray’s songwriting team, and lyricist Antti Autio. Their goal is to “nurture and cultivate the creativity, spirit, and warmth… Read More ›

  • FM Thread – “Evergreen” EP

    FM Thread is an indie-folk duo based out of Melbourne, Australia. The band consists of Matthew Campbell: a mountain man from small town Missouri, and Floyd Graham: a bush boy from the New South Wales outback. They are a self-proclaimed… Read More ›

  • Jay Stones – “Natural”

    Jay Stones is an emerging Alternative R&B singer-songwriter based out of Los Angeles. Stones began making music when he was 13 years old, and was heavily inspired by 80s artists like Michael Jackson and Tears For Fears. Stones released his… Read More ›

  • Haneke Twins – “River”

    Haneke Twins is a post-punk revival band consisting of Paschalis Vichoudis on vocals and bass guitar, and guitarist Stefanos Leontsinis. Longtime friends, work colleagues and old bandmates, the two CERN scientists — originally from Greece, based in Switzerland — formed Haneke Twins… Read More ›