Tehondi – “Pay The Price”

Terrence Dillon is a Chicago based artist who is known in the industry as Tehondi. Coming up in a community dealing with violence and poverty, Tehondi learned to combat his negative surroundings with his art, writing poetry and turning to music at a young age. He became determined to use his craft to implement the changes in the world he wanted to see. In 2014 Tehondi released his debut album “Become The Savior” and 2015 saw the single “Pain” hit the airwaves. Tehondi’s sophomore album titled “Hiatus Days Over” will be released in April of 2018 and features the well-received single “Pay The Price.”


“Pay The Price” lays its foundation in a trap style beat produced by Swish Beatz that has an emotional tone and an introspective melody while the hard-hitting drums drive it home. Tehondi’s hooks and vocal patterns are really what you grab on to as he poses questions about sacrifice and dedication. He asks “what are you willing to lose to gain the things you desire and accomplish your goals?” His verses tell his own stories of struggle and determination that has brought him to where he is today. This is a classic head-bobbing hip-hop track that can play in the streets, and also has deeper intellectual meaning. You can listen to “Pay The Price” on our Prime Cuts Playlist on Youtube and Spotify and follow Tehondi on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Tehondi and share this music with everyone you know.


Official Website – http://tehondi.com

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/Tehondi/

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