Chevy Quis – “STRIPPERS”

Chevy Quis (Pronounced ChevyKeece) is the stage name of Minneapolis native Marquis Williams. Growing up as a self described “troubled kid”, Williams found peace and positive influence in music and began creating his own work at the age of 14. After learning he was going to be a father, Chevy Quis moved to Oklahoma in 2011, but still actively worked on his music. He has played shows in Oklahoma, Mississippi, and performed many local gigs in his home state of Minnesota. Throughout the many phases of his life, Williams has used music to express his story. “I’m a father first before anything and music my passion and would love the opportunity to share my vision with the world and make my hometown proud take steps to maybe going global my goal is to make it and be a voice and also proof that people can do whatever it is they want against all odds.” In September of 2017 Chevy Quis released the video for the song “STRIPPERS” off his self-titled project “Epitome”.

chevy quis“STRIPPERS” has an ambient cool energy and sophisticated layers of keyboards and synths. The verses have bounce and a percussive rhyme pattern that keeps the song flowing. The song is titled “STRIPPERS” and is lyrically about just that. Musically an atmosphere is set that perfectly matches a late night in your establishment of choice, with your preferred blend of intoxicants along with plenty of women, money, and a relaxed but daring vibe in the air. This is a must have for any playlist for just such an occasion. You can listen to “STRIPPERS” and follow Chevy Quis on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Chevy Quis and share this music with everyone you know.

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