Sean Thurman – TMB 100th Post

For our 100thpost we wanted to do something different. In starting The Music Butcher, we wanted to create a site that would give positive press and exposure to real musicians who are creating honest work. We have discovered so many great artists since starting this site and filled our personal music collections with original tracks from all over the world. Today we will bring it close to home and feature original music by the founder of our site, Sean Thurman. Mr. Thurman is a musician and producer from Western New York who writes for The Music Butcher and is the creator of Thurmopolis Media. After years of playing gigs in the WNY area and releasing an album with the band MIKANECHO, Thurman began embarking on solo projects and business ventures into digital media. He has hosted and produced several podcasts over the years and self released two solo albums completely written, performed and produced by the artist himself. “Cold River” in 2016, and just a year later he digitally released “Making Noise with Broken Toys”. Thurman has a 3rdalbum in the works that will be put out under the name Monti Kingu and released sometime in 2018, in the meantime Monti Kingu has been continually posting a series of instrumental tracks on Youtube and Soundcloud.

You can listen to Sean Thurman’s albums below and find his work at

Thank you to all of the incredible artists who continue to share their music with The Music Butcher.

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