ThBenj – “Manipulated”

Benjamin aka ThBenj is a singer/songwriter, producer, and multi instrumentalist from Olbia Tempio, Italy. He has dedicated his entire life to music, starting his career early as a drummer in several bands playing genres ranging from rock, soul, pop and more. In 2012 Benjamin traveled to Australia, busking in the streets as an acoustic artist during the day and spending nights in pubs and clubs playing drums with a duo. In 2016 he made his way to Ibiza to concentrate on music production working with a DJ creating Electronic Deep House music in the duo Overclick that gained attention from Ibiza Global Radio. In 2018, ThBenj focused his attention on his first solo project, writing and producing all the material. On June 29ththe first single from the upcoming album “Spectral Entertainment” was released, a track titled “Manipulated”.

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“Manipulated” is a genre bending eclectic track that shines with originality. The song begins with eerie tones and a looping melody that sets a cool and strange vibe. The beat drops and the musical landscape simplifies, heavy drums holding down the rhythm while thunderous horn section punches in the framework for the slinky vocals. The voice is full of swagger and attitude, bouncing around different rhyme schemes and attacking the beat from every possible angle. The tone shifts when an acoustic guitar is introduced and an emotional chord structure takes the track down a different path before dramatically dropping back into the chorus. The song has the perfect mix of creepy and cool; blending a confident attitude and head bobbing beats with trippy sounds and an eerie atmosphere. You can listen to “Manipulated” and follow ThBenj on the links below. Please continue to support artists like ThBenj and share this music with everyone you know.

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