ontologist – “Now I’m Gone”

Patrick Liddell (ontologist) is a music composer and video artist currently based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. He has regular collaborations with bands such as Hotel Eden (Oakland), Maurice (Chicago), Outshine Family (London, Melbourne), Silences Sumires (Chicago), Vox Novus (New York), Tomorrow Music Orchestra (Chicago), and many solo artists from around the world. Liddell released his first three solo albums on Canzona Records, “Arrow To The Sun”, “The Book Of Lists”, and “Exit”. He has also received his doctorate in music composition from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. Liddell describes ontonogist as “a strange and transcendental blend of genre and mood; electronic, orchestral, ambient, soulful, world, and psychedelic.” 2017 saw the release of ontologist’s latest album, “Pauli’s Dreams” featuring the track “Now I’m Gone”.


“Now I’m Gone” is an upbeat and groovy track that is popping with sonic tones. It begins right away with a bouncing beat that has a futuristic dance hall vibe, then joined by crunchy and intense electronic sounds that lead into the first verse. There is a bit of a reggae backbone to the groove while the vocals harmonize with a dreamy melody. The vocal section is light and ethereal, making the drop into the next instrumental section all the more powerful. A relentless organ tears through the beat and the driving rhythm section gives the track a giant sound and an exciting atmosphere. The dramatic shift back and forth between these intense instrumental sections and the mellow verses shows Liddell’s skills with dynamics and tones. The song blends so many genres while keeping it all together delivering one cohesive sound that works together to create something completely unique and original. String sections paired up with crunchy electronic synths create a beautiful and interesting landscape, then shift into a guitar led hip-hop beat that is layered with gospel sounding vocals creating an other worldly sensation. A third verse sends you into the wonderfully sporadic climax of the song, with different sounds shooting at you from every angle. He does a great job of riding the edge, just on the brink of chaos while maintaining a steady groove and coherent idea, keeping you interested and entertained from beginning to end. You can listen to “Now I’m Gone” on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Spotify and Youtube and follow ontologist on the links below. Please continue to support artists like ontologist and share this music with everyone you know.

Soundcloud –soundcloud.com/ontologist/

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