Rooftop Heroes – “Don’t Stop The Music”

Rooftop Heroes are a four piece modern pop band from Eastern Switzerland. The group is made up of Mike Frei (guitar & lead vocals), Daniel Frei (bass & vocals), Tobi Engeler (lead guitar & vocals) and Samuel Forster (drums & vocals). Originally called BluePearl and with two former members, the quartet featured on national German TV shows such as The Dome and Köln 50667 and played concerts in whole German speaking Europe.


They have steadily gained a following through the uncommon strategy of releasing several songs, clips and pictures online throughout the whole 2019, before even heading out for concerts or tours (which will begin in fall 2019). Since the release of the first clip end of January, Rooftop Heroes have already secured over 2 million YouTube views and 450k Spotify streams. They have recently produced their very first EP with well-known German producer Vincent Sorg, including their second single “Don’t Stop The Music”.

“Don’t Stop The Music” starts with a beautiful melodic guitar progression topped off with a futuristic melody. The drums kick in with a steady backbeat as the opening lines reminisce about better days and feelings of nostalgia. The song progresses as more elements are added, the mood shifts from emotional to an intense energy. The beat is earthshattering while maintaining a funky groove. The band plays well with their dynamics, adding and subtracting elements to shift the mood around giving the song strong peaks and deep valleys. An all out feel good banger that has unique vibe and just the right amount of attitude. You can listen to “Don’t Stop The Music” on the bands Soundcloud page and follow them on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Rooftop Heroes and share this music with everyone you know.

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