Matthew Pinder – “So Far”

Matthew Pinder is a Bahamian singer songwriter who has quickly gained a name for himself in the indie music world. In 2018 Pinder released his debut album “Too Young To Understand” along with the single “Break My Heart and Let Me Go” featuring Molly Bush. The song was premiered in Atwood Magazine and was hailed as “mesmerizingly bittersweet” with both songwriters “plaintively pouring their souls in to a microphone, as emotionally vulnerable as their performance is raw.” The song was also featured on the Spotify curated playlist Folk & Friends. Pinder’s then released the single and accompanying video for his track “St. Paul, MN”. We featured the song on our Playlists and hailed its “infectious poppy vibe… an interesting counterpart to the mood of the video and lyrics.” Matthew is back with his latest single “So Far”, released Friday September 13th. “So Far” showcases Pinder’s unique indie-folk/pop-esque stylings and his well-crafted lyrics that let listeners into the vulnerable space of Pinder’s mind. The single embodies a vintage folk vibe reminiscent of the 70’s that complements Pinder’s raspy, raw vocals. Pinder boasts over 49,000 Spotify followers, has been featured in 3 Spotify curated playlists, and his stand-out single “Golden Hour” has received over 500,000 streams since its release earlier this year.


“So Far” begins with a steady kick drum paired with a rhythmic and emotional guitar. Pinder’s unique and passionate voice joins in with personal lyrics and poetic phrasing. The chord structures take interesting turns giving the melody different feelings and the song a distinctive vibe. They play with the beauty of simplicity. Taking away instruments leaving just Pinder’s voice and the guitar has a very impactful effect and matches the moodiness of the track. The vocals are incredibly moving and raw, the imagery and honesty of the lyrics is a chilling display of emotions. It’s clear Matthew has a skill for writing verses that are never whimsical and somewhat aloof but kick you right in the chest with feelings we can all identify with. The song’s steady rhythm kicks throughout as the sound builds upon itself making the whole thing a poignant experience. You can listen to “So Far” on our Prime Cuts Playlists and follow Matthew Pinder on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Matthew and share this music with everyone you know.

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