The Forgotten Man – “Dreams of L.A.”

The Forgotten Man is a Rock/Pop/Indie duo formed in 1985 in County Durham, England by songwriter & musician Dave Johnson and vocalist Phil Corrigan. The pair played gigs as a duo in Durham, Newcastle, Oxford, and London, with occasional guest musicians. After relocating to different areas and countries, now based in Durham and Los Angeles, The Forgotten Man continues to write and record. “This duo deal(s) in an uncluttered combination of Guitar Rock and Synth Pop. Phil Corrigan’s accented Vocals put the sound firmly in Indie territory, there is enough to warrant further attention” – Music Week, UK


The Forgotten Man released their new single “Dreams of L.A.” on May 10th followed by a 12-track album “Postcard from L.A.” on May 24th. The single is lyrically about the anticipation of visiting L.A. for the first time to check out the music and cultural landmarks only previously seen in film, musically it’s a nod to the Laurel Canyon music scene of the late 60’s. The title track of the album relates to Dave’s first visit to L.A. in the middle of The Rodney King riots of 1992.


​“Dreams of L.A.” begins with a Spanish influenced groove led by a crisp acoustic guitar. The lyrics tell the story of someone who has fantasized about being in Los Angeles and seeing all of the legendary cultural landmarks for themselves. The verses have a cool and mellow vibe that contrasts nicely with the upbeat feeling of the chorus. The song’s attitude encapsulates the feeling of sunshine and adventure that a trip to L.A. provides, and musically fits the theme, taking a southwestern singer/songwriter flavor and mixing it with classic pop sensibilities. Listing of musicians, actors, and other famous names give a historical context and taps into the world’s infatuation with American pop culture, you’re just waiting for them to name your favorite star. You can listen to “Dreams of L.A.” on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Spotify and Youtube and follow The Forgotten Man on the links below. Please continue to support artists like The Forgotten Man and share this music with everyone you know.’

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