Brophy’s Law – ‘The Bachelor’

Brophy’s Law is led by Neil Brophy, originally from Moulton, Northampton. He and his band have performed for many years on the festival circuit across Scandinavia, UK, Belgium, Germany & Holland. Along the way he has picked up a charismatic group of musicians to join him on his journey. Martin Dale handles bass guitar and met Neil at a car crash in a small town in Denmark. Brian Armstrong plays Mandolin, Banjo, El Guitar, Neil met Brian at a late night kitchen party in a Ski Bum collective in a small village of St. Anton in the Alps. William Mclaughlin on the pipes, whistles, and squeezebox met Neil while blowing his pipes in a convent. While in a sailors bar in Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Neil met Espen Suell playing the snare and denting symbols.

With Brophy’s self penned songs about travel and revelry backed up by the powerful sound of this unique folk rock band, Brophy’s Law have made their mark at gigs and festivals across the globe. Their single release ‘The Record Collector’ made a big impact on International Record Store Day and was aired on the Steve Lamacq Show on BBC 6 Music. On February 19th, Brophy’s Law released their single ‘The Bachelor’ across all streaming platforms.

‘The Bachelor’ begins with a catchy melody with whistles before the acoustic guitar and vocals begin to tell the story. After setting the stage, the band kicks into full gear with a driving skin tight drum beat, rhythmic acoustic guitars and banjo plucking, all providing a solid foundation to the lead instruments. The lyrics tell the story of a young man who left school and joined the working class, finding a home at the local pubs with plenty to drink. After two energy pumping verses the music strips away to a simple whistle, vocal section that adds beauty to the spirited vibe of the track. He tells the story of meeting a girl on a drunken night, and making the decision to continue his bachelor ways. The music continues to kick the energy higher and higher as it goes on, the catchy vocal melodies creating an incredibly fun song with the cynical and somewhat classic tragic Irish tale. Speaking as an Irish/American musician myself, it’s perfect. You can listen to ‘The Bachelor’ on our Prime Cuts Playlists and follow Brophy’s Law on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Brophy’s Law and share this music with everyone you know.

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