Self Proclaimed Narcissist – “I Am The End Boss”

Self Proclaimed Narcissist is an artist from Roseburg, Oregon who recently released his 3rd full-length album in May 2017 titled “I Am The End Boss”. Blending the genres of folk, punk, and emo all with a DIY feel and honest emotion. In the artists own words: “Self Proclaimed Narcissist is like getting drilled from behind with a folding chair only to be invited to sit and enjoy a cup of hot tea with lemon and honey.” That perfectly sums up the combination of aggressive punk attitude and raw honest vulnerability in the music on “I Am The End Boss”


The track “Legend at 27” starts off with a folky acoustic guitar then suddenly kicks into high gear while echoing the phrase “I’m gunna be a legend one day but first I’ll have to die”. The lyrics refer to the respect and admiration people receive after they die, while during their life no one seemed to care. “27” referring to rock n’ rolls infamous “27 Club”. The song calls out how phony people can be with a refreshing honesty. Instrumentally it utilizes acoustic guitar and old school Americana chord changes, while mixing it with hardcore punk drums and a screaming passionate vocal range. The song has several peaks and valleys with tempo changes and different grooves taking the listening through the ups and downs. The entire album is full of great tracks with raw lyrics and strong music. You can buy “I Am The End Boss” and follow Self Proclaimed Narcissist on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Self Proclaimed Narcissist and share this music with everyone you know.

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