Superbean – “Shit Show”

Superbean is a power pop trio based in Los Angeles, California. They describe their music as a mash up between The Jam and The Monkees. An earlier incarnation of this band was called Bean in the 1990s – today it’s upgraded to Superbean made up of the members Steve Moramarco on guitar and vocals, Fred Oliva on bass and vocals, and Rick Woodard on the drums. Their latest song and video “Shit Show” attempts to capture today’s zeitgeist with a hummable little ditty you can sing in the shower.


“Shit Show” starts off with a classic power rock guitar riff with the pop/punk style bass and drums coming in to back it up. The vocals have a snarky adolescent attitude describing looking at the world around you and wondering “what the hell happened?” The song has traditional traits of punk and pop rock with a fun playful nihilism rather than anger. The chorus of “When did everything I know turn into a shit show?” is guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days and it’s certainly a question we have all been asking ourselves lately. The video shows the bands sense of humor and love of old school show biz style pop culture references like the matching suits and a few shots from Charlie Chaplins “The Kid”. You can listen to “Shit Show” and watch the video on our Prime Cuts Playlist on YouTube and follow Superbean on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Superbean and share this music with everyone you know.

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