The Yellhounds – “Day Is Done”

The Yellhounds are a quartet from Manchester, England. They describe themselves as “a rock n roll band with a purpose, seeing the world through last chance eyes.” The Hounds first tapped the well at The Song Writers And Publishers festival in Manchester, alongside Steve Earle and Thea Gilmore.
They have also added appearances on the Big Screen, Manchester, with a self filmed video, and BBC Radio to their resume. Their self funded E.P “Cursed Words” was released to critical acclaim, which resulted in a Nashville company throwing a deal on the table. The band decided to pass, unwilling to shortchange what is soulful and heartfelt fantastic music. The Yellhounds have just finished their debut album ‘Another Road Someday’ available to buy at


“Day is Done” is a classis up-tempo country bluegrass tune that wonderfully sounds like its from another time. With an Americana feel and folky lyrics sung with beautiful harmonies, this is feel good number with an emotional backbone. The instrumentation is deeply rooted in tradition while the production modernizes the sound. The blend of snappy acoustic rhythm guitar and the bright picking of banjos and mandolins keep the energy up while the vocals sing of Paris and a Barcelona bar. You can listen to “Day is Done” on our Prime Cuts Playlist on YouTube and you can follow The Yellhounds on the links below. Please continue to support artist like The Yellhounds and share this music with everyone you know.

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