Donatella Canepa – “Fabbrica Di Fumo”

Donatella Canepa is an Italian guitarist, multi instrumentalist and composer. Her career as a soloist began in 2016, after five recording experiences between albums and EPs with the bands Coffee Shock, Nomadama, Salto Nel Buio, The Strange Connections and Cantina Club. Thanks to these projects, some of the pieces composed by Donatella Canepa were broadcast on National radio and tv (Rai, Mediaset). Moreover, together with the band Salto Nel Buio she took part into the Mei Supersound 2012. She is also author of two collections of short stories. Donatella Canepa’s first solo album “All’Inizio Del Mondo” (At The Beginning Of The World) was released in 2017. The Instrumental concept album was entirely edited by the artist herself and includes the track “Fabbrica Di Fumo”.


“Fabbrica Di Fumo” begins with a dark gritty electric guitar riff, accompanied by punchy chords that bring in the bass, drums and rest of the instrumentation. Though there are no lyrics, the instrumental melodies tell a story and take the listener through many peaks and valleys. The sounds and tones have attitude and style that gives them personality. The drums are explosive and drive the song along while the guitars add an array dramatic moments and paint vivid auditory images. You can listen to “Fabbrica Di Fumo” on our Prime Cuts Playlist on Spotify and Youtube and follow Donatella Canepa on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Donatella and share this music with everyone you know.


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