Strong A.R.M. – “Bet’cha Didn’t Know”

Strong A.R.M. is a hip-hop artist from the Brownsville, Brooklyn. He has been active for years honing his skills as a writer, artist and producer as well as learning the game of the music business. As far as his plans for the future, Strong A.R.M. “intends to get into every existing piece to this hip hop puzzle. For right now though, he is ready to get his material out, and his face seen by the world.” You can currently listen to his tracks on Youtube, Soundcloud and Facebook.


The song “Bet’cha Didn’t Know” perfectly and originally blends the worlds of EDM and hip-hop. The beat has all the best features of techno and dance music, with a driving beat and synthesizer tones ranging from psychedelic to crunchy and funky. What really makes this special is Strong A.R.M.’s verses driving the song along. His voice is deep, gruff and his flow is right in the pocket. He follows the different trajectories of the instrumental track behind him and hooks you with the “Everybody’s getting down to this” chorus. This is a track that is 100% guaranteed to get a club going wild, and is also perfect for any house party. You can listen to “Bet’cha Didn’t Know” on our Prime Cuts Playlist on Youtube and follow Strong A.R.M. on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Strong A.R.M. and share this music with everyone you know.

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