City of Union – “Birds of Paradise” EP

City of Union is solo artist Matthew Campbell, a twenty something-year old from Missouri who has reinvented himself while living in New Zealand and Australia. Releasing his first full EP, Campbell has established himself as an artist to watch with glowing features in national and international publications and previous tours across the USA, New Zealand, and Australia. The “Birds of Paradise” EP consists of the same track reimagined 4 times to fully express every feeling within the song.

city of union

The first track “Rework” has a mellow vibe mixed with an epic quality that begins simply and grows into more complexity as the song progresses. It has the bones of an emotional pop song with a catchy chorus, conveyed with the sounds and tones of EDM and psychedellia. “Remix” is a high-energy version of the song, kicked up a notch with an up-tempo backbeat that brings the track up into euphoric peaks. “Stripped” is the beautifully minimalistic version with just a piano and a voice, the clearest display of this songs soul. And finally, “Origin” is the dramatic conclusion to the piece; it’s experimental, cinematic and stretches the boundaries of the song that were explored in the first 3 tracks. “Birds of Paradise” is an incredibly original concept that challenges both Campbell and his listeners to investigate an idea from every possible angle and perfectly exhibits the infinite possibilities of creativity. You can listen to “Birds of Paradise” EP and follow City of Union on the links below. Please continue to support artists like City of Union and share this music with everyone you know.

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