Amerikan Primitive – “The Hive”

Amerikan Primitive is an original hard rock band from Syracuse, New York. The five-piece group is made up of the members Matt Pedzick, Jeff ‘Mole’ Moleski, Sue Karlik, Jamus DePalma, and Kelly Moore Peters. All experienced and accomplished musicians in their own right; they finalized the current lineup in 2011 and have recently released their latest album, “Down to the Devil”.


“The Hive” is a dark and badass track that shows off Amerikan Primitive’s versatile sound. It begins with a thundering bass line layered with aggressively dazed guitar lines and ominous vocals. The full band kicks in to a giant sound with the explosive chorus, then dramatically right back to the dark and menacing verse. The instrumental breakdown is a hard-hitting explosion of sound with a funky, thrashy attitude. This is a great, dynamic, balls-out rock song that is a must for any playlist, and the “Down to the Devil” album is full of tracks like this. You can listen to “The Hive” and follow Amerikan Primitive below. Please continue to support artists like Amerikan Primitive and share this music with everyone you know.

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