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Joshua Johnson is an artist from Memphis, Tennessee who goes by the name of Jai Musiq. Johnson also began writing poetry at a young age. Johnson also began writing poetry at a young age. Johnson began writing poetry in middle school, he was also very involved in music through singing in the church choir and being in the All-State Tennessee selection for band in high school. He released his first project, The Josh Johnson EP, in August of 2015. After positive reception from the local music scene and several blogs, Johnson decided to release more music, which led to another project in the July of 2016 titled “Dolan Drive Dreams”. His newest track is called “Patience”, a song about relationships that was appropriately released on Valentine’s Day 2018.

jai musiq

“Patience” is a very emotionally chill song that shows Jai’s vocal range. He has the ability to constantly approach the beat from different angles melodically, taking off into high peaks and then bringing it down, landing back into the groove. The music behind his voice is made up of a looping acoustic guitar sample layered with dreamy tones and emotive sounds all driven forward by a mellow and steady beat. You can listen to “Patience” and follow Jai Musiq on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Jai and share this music with everyone you know.



Genius annotations of lyrics: https://genius.com/Jai-musiq-patience-lyrics

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