Bloo Fooz – “Son Of A Gun”

Bloo Fooz formed in 2013 as a studio band that gathered to record music and develop a new approach to a vintage rock/pop sound. The perfomance features ultra-high-tech guitar solos accompanied by a mixture of psychedelic era driving motifs and propelling drums. Bloo Fooz is the creation of Dez Maree who performs as musician, singer/songwriter, and producer. Each studio band member has a wealth of experience working in the studio and performing live with other bands. In February 2018 Bloo Fooz released their first album Cosmic Whirlwind featuring the opening track “Song Of A Gun”


“Son Of A Gun” begins with a driving drum beat before setting into a chill and groovy guitar riff layered underneath stylish vocals that set up a vivid lyrical narrative. The melody of the main hook has a folky, story telling quality to it. The instrumental refrain takes different progressive twists and turns, adding more tones and instruments to fill in the sound before landing back in the main groove. You can listen to “Son Of A Gun” and follow Bloo Fooz on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Bloo Fooz and share this music with everyone you know.


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