Black Dreams – “Kiss The Gun”

Black Dreams is a five-piece heavy metal band from Rauma, Finland. The band is vocalist Juha Kraapo, Jari Rantanen on the drums, rhythm guitarist Sami Räikkönen, lead guitar and backround vocals by Jere Kalla, and Antti Kalliokoski on bass guitar. They find their sound in blending the genres of gothic metal, blues-rock, and doom. In 2018 they recorded tracks at Fantom Studio that were mixed and mastered by Samu Oittinen. On February 22, Black Dreams released the video for their song “Kiss The Gun.”


“Kiss The Gun” is a cool and heavy song that wastes no time kicking into its dark groove. The verses are moody and light, then dramatically drop into an aggressive and stylish riff. The intriguing and ominous lyrics make you retrospective while the band operates like a machine, forcefully driving the heart of the song along. They bring it up another step with the high-energy guitar solo that’s guitar leads are filled with blues influence. They drop back into the crunchy pocket one more time before speeding it up and ending on an explosion. They keep it dramatic and engaging and most importantly, rock the hell out. You can listen to “Kiss The Gun” and follow Black Dreams on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Black Dreams and share this music with everyone you know.

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