Gulf Stream Riders – “Not That Someone”

Gulf Stream Riders is a collaboration between duo Ceej Anderson and Nalle Ahlstedt. Both are former members of a hard rock band that had a record deal in Scandinavia and spent time extensively touring the clubs of Los Angeles. After a breakup that lasted many years, with Cees studying back home in New York and Nalle writing for artists around the world (Bella Thorne, Sarah Connor, VIXX, X-Factor/Idol/The Voice artists in UK, Germany, Finland, etc), they reunited to pursue the long time dream of making the kind of music closest to their hearts; country. After a well received first single called “Love Struck Holiday”that got airplay on several stations in the US, UK, Holland and Scandinavia, Gulf Stream Riders announced the release of their second single “Not That Someone” on April 6th 2018.


“Not That Someone”is led by an intricate guitar line that holds a strong beat within itself, setting the tone with an emotional melody and steady rhythm. The song is given its personality by the depth and passion of the male vocals. They have a playful quality and swagger while lyrically painting an introspective picture. The chorus is an upbeat sing-along layered with authentic instrumentation and beautifully blended vocal melodies tied together by a brilliantly catchy hook. “Not That Someone” has a traditional country soul and modern pop production delivered with expert musicianship. You can listen to “Not That Someone” and follow Gulf Stream Riders on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Gulf Steam Riders and share this music with everyone you know.

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