Cyan Fire – “Concept Art”

Cyan Fire is a music project that specializes in instrumental tracks. Their goal is to provide soundtracks for movies, video games, YouTube videos and more. The artist behind Cyan Fire desires to make music in an anonymous style. In this modern pop culture world of celebrity obsession and “cult of personality”, where you know an artists face, name and relationship status before you know their music, it is refreshing and pure to have someone who wants their music to speak for itself. Cyan Fire’s latest project, “Concept Art” is now streaming on Spotify.


The first of three tracks on “Concept Art” is the title track that, like the other two tracks, is performed almost entirely on a piano. The song has the sound of classical music with a quirky edge. The pacing is frantic and bubbling with energy, then quiet and reflective. The second track “Revision” takes a darker tone with dramatic chord changes and multi layered pianos. The song hits many highs and lows while having a driving energy. The final track is called “Quick Sketch” and has a larger more booming sound and complex melodies and more vivid drops and peaks. “Concept Art” is an intelligent collection that is full of personality and atmosphere. You can listen to “Concept Art” and follow Cyan Fire on the links below. Please continue to support Cyan Fire and share this music with everyone you know.

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