Forest Robots – “Shapes Shift in the Distant Shadows”

Francisco Dominguez is the Los Angeles based composer behind Forest Robots. The idea for Forest Robots evolved over a period of several years, beginning vaguely during Dominguez’s travels to the legendary mountain range of Sierra Nevada. There he was inspired by the natural landscapes to compile a collection of photos and narratives of his experiences, which then inspired the composing of the music adding the final ingredient to Forest Robots. Following the birth of his daughter, Dominguez was driven to use this art to teach her about the beauty and importance of nature. His forthcoming album is titled “Supermoon Moonlight Part One” and features the single “Follow The Towers To The Moon”. The song “Shapes Shift in the Distant Shadows” is currently steaming on Spotify.

forest robots

“Shapes Shift in the Distant Shadows” begins with rhythmic psychedelia that has a quirky and eerie atmosphere. One by one more tones and beats are added while the song grows bigger and bigger. The music has a dream like innocence at the beginning, and then suddenly takes a dramatic turn into a crunchy industrial groove. Dominguez bounces back and forth between these two vibes, showing the versatility of sound and well thought out layers he is able to come up with. This is a track that keeps you interested and takes you through a wide range of emotions while staying incredibly enjoyable the whole way through. You can listen to “Shapes Shift in the Distant Shadows” on our Prime Cuts Playlist on Spotify and Youtube and follow Forest Robots on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Forest Robots and share this music with everyone you know.

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