Morris Ogbowu – “Shame”

Morris Ogbowu, aka MO, is a Nigerian–Canadian hip-hop artist based out of Ottawa, Canada. He has developed his very original sound over three short EP’s. “Delivering the kind of cosmopolitan hip-hop/future-soul usually reserved for the North America’s, larger, competitive club-scape: Atlanta, Toronto, LA, Queen’s. With a glorious, cascading flow, MO glides along jazz-infused beats, juggling hot syllables, percussive and free…” Ogbowu has been featured in opening slots for artists like Jazz Cartier and Chicago’s Alex Wiley. MO has also grazed the main stage at Ottawa’s BluesFest, Arboretum Music Festival and is currently on a 6-university campus tour throughout the Ontario area. MO released an 8-track album titled “This That Mo” in 2018 that features the song “Shame”.


“Shame” begins with a hard beat matched with an interesting and dark instrumental loop. MO’s voice sets in with force and a determined flow. The instrumentals continue to intensify with deep and devastating bass and tight drum bounce. The vocals shine with personality as Ogbowu lyrically tells his story and commands his words with expert precision. This track doesn’t waste any time and has a straightforward drive full of grit and power. You can listen to “Shame” and follow Morris Ogbowu on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Morris Ogbowu and share this music with everyone you know.

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