Gideon Greer – “Working Workers Plight/Blight (Cannot Get Nowhere)”

Gideon Greer is a singer/songwriter/musician from Trinidad and Tobago. Greer is a DIY musician in the truest sense, writing and producing his music independently and working hard to pass his messages on to the world. “I Am a Raw Radical Freethinking Non-Superficial Grassroots Social & Soul Consciousness Music Artist Advocating 4 an Ethical Green Global Community & Just World!” In April of 2018, Gideon released the video for “Working Workers Plight/Blight (Cannot Get Nowhere)”. Greer says this is “a song about the working class, laboring class struggles, getting nowhere in a social system that is designed for them to fail and be a slave to the system.”


“Working Workers…” has a very original sound. A funky dance beat and bass drives the song along while a collage of different tones and instruments blend into each other. The verses center around his relaxed and strong vocals and meaningful lyrics. The chorus has movement and hooks you into his message. The song is full of colorful vocal adlibs and playful instrumentation giving it a personality all its own while it takes several surprising directions, all the while maintaining it’s poppy groove. You can listen to “Working Workers Plight/Blight (Cannot Get Nowhere)” and follow Gideon Greer on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Gideon and share this music with everyone you know.

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