Cousin Earth – “Train Luck”

Cousin Earth is a musically eclectic and progressive band from Brooklyn, New York. The band is Joey Calfa on ukulele, vocals and guitar, Terry Brennan on vocals percussion and kazoo, Corey J. Feldman on U-Bass, vocals, bass and trumpet, Tara Lawton on vocals, melodica, percussion and keys, and Nate Searing on drums and vocals. Cousin Earth’s origin story begins in 2013 when Calfa and Searing met while playing in a Frank Zappa cover band called the Mothers of Intention. The two went on to play together in the progressive jam band Mercury Landing. It was here that they met the rest of the members of what would become Cousin Earth. They have played over 250 shows throughout the Northeastern United States, sharing the bill with several notable acts and gaining a strong following. Their fan base grows stronger everyday with their steady output of Internet contend drawing thousands of views from around the world every month. On November 20th2015, Cousin Earth released a self-titled EP on all major platforms. On April 27th2018 they released a full-length album titled “Human Music”, and on February 11th2018 the band published a video to their YouTube page for the song “Train Luck”.

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“Train Luck” is a musically stimulating track that is crackling with playful energy and a witty disposition. It begins with a smooth guitar and plucky ukulele lines balanced against each other before the rest of the band joins in on a snarky bluesy riff. The verses have a mellow groove that backs up the deep lead vocals and melodic hooks. Lyrically they express the painful experience of everyday transportation on the New York City subway system. Delays, cancelations, scheduling confusion, trying to find your stop; with this song they combine experimental, out of this world music with a story that everyone can identify with, no matter what city you live in. The chorus takes another step toward wonderfully strange momentum, with powerful vocals all working together giving the song a strong and giant sound. After a funky bass led instrumental section they are back into the smooth verse, and back waiting at the platform. Throughout the song there are playful ad-libs and musical tricks that keep the song bouncing with energy and originality. They dip into the theatrical with phrases like “Stand clear of the closing doors please”, giving the song humorous character that engages the audience and makes them part of the show. The band then goes into a-capella mode with a multi layered vocals only-section repeatedly inquiring, “What the hell is train traffic?” They drive the song over the edge with a mind bending larger than life instrumental jam at the end that would blow the roof off of any venue in the country, before perfectly capping things off by returning to the incredibly catchy chorus. You can listen to “Train Luck” on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Spotify and YouTube and follow Cousin Earth on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Cousin Earth and share this music with everyone you know.

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