Malion – “Primo”

Malion is an experimental noise rock group based out of Austin, Texas. The trio is comprised of members Benjamin, Nicole, and Joseph. Their music is heavily influenced by early punk rock, grunge, and hip-hop with loud, distorted, reverb heavy live performances featuring raw dynamic vocals and rhythmic drum and bass. Malion has previously self-released the single, “Cowboy”, in April 2014, “Phantom” in June 2015 and “The Troglodyte EP” in May 2016. On March 30th, 2018 Malion released their 2ndfull length LP titled “E N I G M A”. They describe it as “an abrasive, compelling concept album written and produced by Malion and co-produced by Tim Gerron of Space Rehearsal and Recording. The album has a run time of 47 minutes, features a hidden track recorded 5 years ago, and has the support of 3 music videos filmed and edited by L.A. photographer, Nina Hawkins.” One of the videos released is for the song “Primo”.

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“Primo” wastes zero time and drops right into its dramatically heavy beat filled out with a fuzz-covered guitar and a chilling concrete foundation of bass and drums. The vocals draw from an old school hip-hop influence with an aggressive edge, boisterously peacocking with classic MC bravado. This is the definition of genre bending. The verses rhyming patterns continue to grow more complex as the instrumentation behind it intensifies. They musically lift up to a lighter level that temporarily dips into a progressive style, before vividly dropping back into the gut-punching riff. The way they mix the ego boosting style of the rap verses with a repeating punk style call, it begs for a fist-pumping crowd to respond. It is a beautifully dark marriage between the gangster attitude and a horror movie flavor that drives forward with powerful simplicity. The visual element of the video matches the feeling of the song perfectly, blending a disorienting creepy atmosphere with stylish attitude that the “E N I G M A” LP is full of. This track, and this band, are both booming with originality and a flavor all their own. You can listen to “Primo” on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Spotify and Youtube and follow Malion on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Malion and share this music with everyone you know.

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