Porcupine – “Unauthorized”

Porcupine is a hardcore punk band from Chicago, Illinois. The band is Dawson on Vocals, Parker on Drums, Joey on Guitar, and Tom on Bass. They were founded in 2016 and want to use their music to spread a message of freedom. In 2018 they posted two tracks, “Let ‘Em Burn” and “Unauthorized”, on their Bandcamp page with the following message, “Thank you to everyone who continues to support this band through the years. We appreciate it immensely. It’s about time we released more music and it’s finally here. I hope you enjoy these two tracks. More to come from us in the coming months. Stay Free.”


“Unauthorized” begins with a cryptic sound clip from an old movie, discussing liberty and the people reclaiming power after the death of dictators, going right along with the bands theme of freedom. The music kicks in with an explosive and violent bang, aggressive guitar and gritty screaming vocals driving it ahead. They hit it hard and fast before lightening up briefly into a ½ time chorus. Their playfulness with musical dynamics shows how tight the band works together. They sync up on riffs and changes, becoming one fine tuned machine. The song wastes no time and punches you directly in the face in the best way possible. You can listen to “Unauthorized” and follow Porcupine on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Porcupine and share this music with everyone you know.

Bandcamp – porcupinehardcore.bandcamp.com

Facebook – facebook.com/PorcupineHardcore/

Twitter – twitter.com/Porcupineil

Instagram – instagram.com/porcupinehardcore

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