Bella’s Bartok – “Graveyard Funk No. 2”

Bella’s Bartok is a Western-Massachusetts based circus-punk band that has made a name for themselves with theatrically unique music and exciting live performances. Started in the dimly lit alleyways of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, Bella’s Bartok gradually evolved from street-punk performers to an electric, brass-filled, accordion-based spectacle that has continued to entertain audiences for nearly a decade. The line-up includes Asher Putnam on Lead Vocals, Dan Niederhauser on Bass and Vocals, Amory Drennan on Trombone and Vocals, Crisco on Drums/Percussion and Vocals, Gershon Rosen on Trumpet and Vocals, Alex Kogut on Accordion, Keyboard, and Vocals and Lucas Solórzano on Guitar and Vocals. On June 15, 2018 they released their first album “Is Me That Monster?” featuring the single “Graveyard Funk No. 2”.

bellas bortok

“Graveyard Funk No. 2” begins with a splashy drumbeat setting the rhythm before a jaunty piano lays down the chords. The lead horns have a poppy bounce to them that gives the song a fun attitude. The vocals are playful while bearing somewhat aggressive and mysterious personality, along with lyrics that reinforce these feelings. The band jumps along the main riff for a while before sliding through several dramatic chord changes and refrains, taking different styles and moods and coherently stringing them together. The instrumentation is tight and well structured while remaining vivid and fun, keeping the energy of a highflying circus. This is a track that is booming with originality and bold experimentation. They evoke spirits of music from the past filtered through a modern delivery. You can listen to “Graveyard Funk No. 2” and follow Bella’s Bartok on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Bella’s Bartok and share this music with everyone you know.

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