Niecy Blues – “Ways”

“Ways” is the newest music video release from dUMB Films. The video is collaboration between R&B artist and Anderson University Grad Janise Robinson, whose stage name is Niecy Blues, and Director Gunner Willis. They wanted to match the song’s haunting lyrics with the vibe of a horror films from the 1970s, creating a dark visual element to accompany the vibe of the track. Shot on location in Traveler’s Rest, South Carolina, Willis says his intention was to create “a film that is not only spooky but just dripping cool. And that’s what we tried to emulate here. Spooky, not scary.” “Ways” was sneak peak released at the internationally celebrated Indie Grits Film Festival in Columbia, South Carolina ands is now available across several streaming platforms.


“Ways” begins on a dark knight with a car pulling up to a small restaurant that seems to be the only light in town. The driver sits for a moment listening to incredibly unsettling talk radio about religion and spirits, before walking into the restaurant and entering the main setting for the video. There are little odd things all over, nothing completely obvious, just strange details that make you uneasy and suspicious of what is going on. The driver sits alone in a booth while other patrons of the place give him very unwelcoming looks, unsure of his surroundings; he looks at the flickering lamp on the table. Suddenly he is possessed by the beat, his eyes turn white, and the song “Ways” begins. The music is funky, chill and culturally eclectic with sitar tones, hip-hop drums and jazz influenced keyboards. Niecy Blues’ voice is incredibly smooth; she plays around in the melodies, hitting different rhyming patterns and phrases. The chorus is a catchy loop of “I got ways to make you do what I want you to” that’s infections and lays down soft and potent harmonies. While the song plays, our driver dances around the room infected by the sound, his body contorting to the rhythm and his mouth moving to the words. By the end of the video, our main character’s story is resolved while still leaving some questions. The song’s beautiful groove paired with the ominous nature of the video sets a unique tone and makes this a highly original work of art. You can watch the “Ways” video and follow Niecy Blues below. Please continue to support artists like Niecy and share this music with everyone you know.

Niecy Blues “Ways” (Official Music Video) from dUMB on Vimeo.

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