Shatner – “Heterosapien”

Shatner is a West Yorkshire based power-pop band who have built up a solid reputation and a cult following in their local area. The current lineup is Captain Jim Bower on Guitars & Vocals, Science Officer Paul Morricone on Guitar, Helm Rick Bower on Bass & Vocals, Chief Engineer Anthony Sargeant on Drums & Vocals, and Communications Officer Sarah Niven on additional Vocals. Two of their previous albums being voted into the “top local albums of the decade” list by readers of Leeds based music magazine Vibrations ahead of numerous well-known acts in the area. They have recently released their latest album “Enlightenmental”, with leading track “Heterosapien” already being met with great acclaim from the likes of the BBC.


“Heterosapien” begins with a bluesy guitar chord infused with a funky attitude. The additional instruments join in creating a mellow and almost ominous vibe with a rumbling bass line, aggressive lead guitar hits, and thundering drums. The second half of the verse sections explode with a giant sound before tightening back up into the chill groove they already established, showing the bands smart use of dynamics and their musical abilities. The chorus has momentum and anthemic qualities with beautiful vocal harmonies and giant layers of guitars. They blend pop sensibilities with a 60s psychedelic flavor and solid punk rock delivery. The instrumental section kicks it up a notch with an all out jam, driven ahead by the rhythm section and chunky guitar chords, they lay a firm backbone for the lead guitar to soar over with its ecstatic peaks. You can listen to “Heterosapien” and follow Shatner on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Shatner and share this music with everyone you know.


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