Christopher Cash and The Brilliant Deductions – “One Way Ride”

Christopher Cash is a musician who has released two solo albums, “Hollywood Mirage” in 2006 and “Invisible” in 2008. Since then he put together a band called The Brilliant Deductions and relocated to Fallbrook, California and opened the Sonic-Rocket recording studio. Along with Cash on guitar and lead vocals, the band is John Saccoman on bass, Jan Bugaiski on lead guitar, Shea Thompson on keys, and Dick Winter on drums. They have begun to work on material for a new album, and decided to release the songs as they completed them, gaining a following through social media. Their newest single is the track “One Way Ride”.


“One Way Ride” begins with a spacey chord progression led by a clean and jazzy guitar. The verses have a cool and thoughtful vibe while the band travels through dramatic chord changes. The layers of vocal harmonies and instrumentation give the track a unique personality with a thick and lush sound. The song breaks down to funky guitar jams showcasing the musical skill of the players. The chorus has a cascading flow of vocals echoing the songs title and the philosophy behind it. Lyrically, he expresses ideas and experiences anyone can connect to. As Cash puts it, “It tackles the subject of mortality in a positive way. In a nutshell, its message is: Today is a brand new day. Start fresh and take charge so that when you reach the end of your One Way Ride, you will feel good about the journey.” You can listen to “One Way Ride” and follow Christopher Cash and The Brilliant Deductions on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Christopher Cash and The Brilliant Deductions and share this music with everyone you know.

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