9fm – “Little House”

9fm (Ninth Floor Mannequin) is the solo project of Jarrod Pedone, a native of Glendora, New Jersey. He began writing, recording, & mixing songs on his own ever since an intoxicated driver put him into a coma. The songs’ topics range from favorite episodes of The Twilight Zone & Black Mirror to the USS Indianapolis. All of the music is 100% written, performed, recorded, mixed & mastered by Pedone himself. In 2018 he released the single for the track “Little House”.


“Little House” begins with a spacey wave of sound that has an emotional quality and rhythmic backing tones. The vocals are dream like and layered with harmonies, they lead into the steady beat that supports his thoughtful and unique chord progression. As the verses move along, more and more subtle sounds fill in the landscape taking the song from dream-like to a more direct idea. The explosion of the chorus has a euphoric flavor and bright attitude while the vocal cadence and solid instrumentation gives it style and swagger. Lyrically, the song is reflective and explores feelings we all have while also telling a bit of his own story. The way the calm verses lead into the giant chorus gives the song brilliant dynamics and an ever-changing feel. The experimental instrumental tracks blend genres and show Pedone’s skills at keeping several balls in the air while maintaining a solid cohesive sound. You can listen to “Little House” on our Prime Cuts Playlist on Spotify and follow 9fm on the links below. Please continue to support artists like 9fm and share this music with everyone you know.

Instagram – instagram.com/ajellyelectric/

Facebook – facebook.com/NinthFloorMannequin/

Twitter – twitter.com/aJellyElectric

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