Hayley Reardon – “America The Beautiful”

Hayley Reardon is am independent music artist from Boston, Massachusetts. From a very young age, Reardon quickly established a name for herself in the Cambridge, Massachusetts’s folk scene. Her debut album, “Where The Artists Go”, achieved widespread acclaim in New England with feature support from the Boston Herald, NPR affiliate WBUR, and Boston Globe Magazine, who named her a ‘Bostonian of the Year’. Hayley’s 2014 release “Wayfindings”gained even wider acclaim, getting international recognition from syndicated public radio show “Art of the Song,” and praise from Paste, Performer Magazine, Americana UK, and American Songwriter. In her newest video, Reardon released her modernized take on the classic “America The Beautiful”. In her own words, “Recently, “America the Beautiful” popped into my head and hit me differently than it ever had before. This old anthem, originally written in the 1800s, felt so poignant and important all of a sudden. It left me inspired to update the song in light of our current situation. This “America the Beautiful” is for all of the good, honorable people of every color, background, circumstance, and political affiliation who are out there every day, doing the best they can and whether they know it or not, making and keeping America beautiful — even in divisive and disappointing times like these.”


The song begins with an emotional acoustic guitar that has the folky atmosphere of traditional American music. Hayley’s voice is angelic and light while being assertive in her message. The opening lyrics are the familiar lines about beautiful and spacious skies. She then inserts her own thoughts and observations of a modern small town America. This is the theme that continues throughout the track; blending the classic phrases cemented into American minds from the original song with newer updated ideas and phrases from today. This is a clever way of exploring the ideas of where America began, and were it finds itself today. The music is simple and lays a perfect tonal foundation for a song that is meant to provoke thought. The guitar has a looseness to it that keeps an ever-changing emotional dynamic that follows Reardon’s voice through highs and lows. This is an artist looking around her and reflecting on the current state of her world while remaining mindful of the past, and conscious of the future. You can listen to “America The Beautiful” on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Spotify and Youtube and follow Hayley Reardon on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Hayley and share this music with everyone you know.

Official Website – hayleyreardon.com


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