Tony Gee – “Light Heavyweight”

Tony Gee is an Oklahoma City born independent recording artist, singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer living in Spring, TX. He has utilized his skills and modern technology to produce music from his home studio, collaborating with the best talents in the area to release high quality, self funded, 100% independent records. Tony released his first album “Golden Spotted Midnight Sky” in December 2014, and his second album “It’s Time” in October of 2016. Tony Gee has wrapped up production on his third album “Bloom Full” set for an August 15th, 2018 release. Tony teamed up again with Ron Flynt (20/20) at Jumping Dog Studio in Austin, TX. They were joined by musicians Whit Williams (Cotton Mather), Ray Rodriguez (The Mystiqueros), Matt Giles (The Drakes), Tina Mitchell Wilkins, Zac Wilkerson, & Sam Howden. The opening song on “Bloom Full” is an upbeat track titled “Light Heavyweight”.


“Light Heavyweight” begins with a thick organ sound revving up before an acoustic guitar sets the tempo. The full band kicks in with a gigantic sound that’s booming with melodic pop sensibilities. The verses tighten up and settle into a steady and mellow rhythm, the guitars and pianos working together to flow through dramatic and emotive chord changes. The lead vocals have a unique and personal delivery of the lyrics, stretching from low to high notes and infusing the lyrics with honesty and soul. The chorus has a soothing feeling; the main vocals are softly backed up with beautiful harmonies and the guitars kick up the tempo with rocking and jubilant chords. The song has the vibe of a retrospective anthem. The lyrical writing shows thoughtful wisdom and has tons of heart behind it, and the message is put across in a calmly confident fashion. The music behind the words keeps a fun and bouncy attitude that lifts your spirits with an optimistic flavor. The song finishes of in a big way with ripping guitar leads reminiscent of classic rock and roll turned up a notch with explosively aggressive energy. You can listen to “Light Heavyweight” on our Prime Cuts Playlist on Spotify and Youtube and follow Tony Gee on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Tony and share this music with everyone you know.

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