Via Novus – “Are You Afraid”

Via Novus is a Hard Rock/Alternative Metal group from Mississippi. The band was formed in November of 2016 and played its debut show January of 2017. In August of 2017, Via Novus began writing and production for their debut EP “Dusk To Dust”, released March 9th, 2018. Within two months of its release, the self-produced EP garnered thousands of organic streams on Spotify and Apple Music and landed the band international online radio and FM airplay. One of the stand out tracks on “Dusk To Dust” is the song “Are You Afraid”.


“Are You Afraid” begins with a funky guitar line that has a sinister edge. The full band kicks in with a gigantic sound that plays the riff with a full metal style and heavy attitude. The lead vocals are introduced with a wailing note that is sustained for an impossibly long time. The verses have a dark and cool flavor with the band crunching along before steadily leading into the epic chorus. They band does a great job of playing with dynamics, going from mellow and ominous sections to massive sounding euphoric peaks. The guitar tones are incredibly mean and aggressive while the bass and drums thunders underneath creating a rock solid foundation for the impressive vocal acrobatics of the lead singer. After a heavenly and emotional guitar solo the song ends on the larger-than-life chorus displaying tightness in writing as well as performance. Its obvious that each member of Via Novus puts everything they have behind the music they play. You can listen to “Are You Afraid” and follow Via Novus on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Via Novus and share this music with everyone you know.

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