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Luwi is an up and coming hip-hop artist who has quickly made a name for himslef as a new force in the industry. Back in June Luwi released his new visual for “The Angel” and August saw the release of the follow up called “The Angel Trip”. He has been featured on several prominent playlists and music blogs, steadily growing his fan base and gaining thousands of followers on his Soundcloud Page. In July 2018, Luwi released the video for his track “bruh”.


The video begins with a barrage of images, from short Instagram videos to clips of Sir Smoke-a-Lot complaining about his bad back. The music begins by snapping into a hard and steady beat with a shuffling vibe and layered with ethereal tones. Luwi’s voice has depth and attitude. His rhyming scheme follows a melodic pattern that gives the groove movement and thought. The song has an experimental and artistic psychedelic feeling that’s held down with the rock solid beat. All the while the visual element of the video (directed by Luwi and Soundcloud Dylan) has the style of an art film, with stunning shots of Paris and playful color tones and camera tricks. This is a chill moody track that’s infused with a hard hip-hop backbone. You can watch the video for “bruh” and follow Luwi on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Luwi and share this music with everyone you know.

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