John McCabe – “Winter”

John McCabe is a singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist from Laguna Niguel, California. He has been writing, performing, and producing original music for nearly a decade. McCabe began work on his first EP titled “Flower Circle” in 2015 and officially released the EP in October of 2017. “Flower Circle” was recorded at Janky East Studios (Los Angeles) and was produced by John Kimbrough (Walt Mink, Teen Judge). The follow up single to the “Flower Circle” EP titled “April”, is a contagiously pleasant pop rock song that we featured HERE. McCabe plays all of the instruments and handles 100% of the vocal duties on his recordings, and began to release music recorded and mixed in his home studio with his track“Careless Noise”. John is back with a new track titled “Winter”. McCabe says, “I wrote and recorded this tune as sort of an ‘observational’ view of suicide; there has been a few very high profile, creative people in the news (Chris Cornell, Anthony Bourdain, etc.) and it’s something that has touched my life over the years.  Interesting, ‘I get it’, but I don’t really get it.”

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“Winter” begins with a mellow and percussive guitar backed up by rumbling drums and spacey tonal layers. After some emotive chord changes, the first verse kicks in with a steady beat and McCabe’s calm and personal voice. The melody and changes have movement and display thoughtful writing. Several different shifts in tone lead to high and bright sections that drop back down into the introspective refrain. The clean electric guitars lead the track around and color in the framework with euphoric riffs and plucky phrases. This is a song that has the flavor of a thoughtful and emotional anthem delivered with unique musical style. You can listen to “Winter” and follow John McCabe on the links below. Please continue to support artists like John McCabe and share this music with everyone you know.

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