M. Crane – “I’m Only Here”

M. Crane is an alternative indie rock band from Tucson, Arizona. They are made up of five members, Nick Maskill, Kyle Rosas, Andrew Lobo, Gaby Lisk, andJosiah Rodriguez. They have used their emotive vocals and dreamy soundscapes to establish themselves as a unique voice in their southwest desert home. M. Crane officially formed in 2015 and the release of their first EP drew comparisons to acts such as Muse and Mars VoltaTucson Weekly stated that their music encapsulates a “moody, broody ambience decorated with cold and faraway feeling textures”. In their own words, the band says, “This music is honest about pain and beauty. It’s for lovers, thinkers, poets, stoners, mothers, zealots, our idols, and not for them too.” M. Crane released their first two EPS in 2016 and have toured the Southwest United States extensively, steadily growing their fan base. They are preparing to release their first full album, “King She”, later this year. In August 2018, M. Crane released the Matt Cole directed video for their song “Cate In A Violent World”. The Tucson natives are back with their second single, “I’m Only Here”.


“I’m Only Here” begins with an exciting and beautiful assault of sound before relaxing into a dreamy groove that establishes the song’s moody atmosphere. The vocals are emotive and have a painful energy behind them giving the track a dramatic personal touch, delivering the lyrics with a soulful drive that dances up and down the singer’s vocal range. The smooth instrumentation is constructed with layers of slick, jazzy guitars and funky melodic bass lines while the tight drums balance between mellow and explosive. They show their versatility while conveying several moods and styles and blending them together within one track. As they effortlessly transition into the chorus the sound grows in size as the vocals lead the melody with a sharp passion and heartbreaking honesty. The band flows in and out of different sections and moods eventually leading to a more aggressive movement blending pop-punk energy with an almost classical touch, ending the track on a passionate and moving high note. You can listen to “I’m Only Here” on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Spotify and follow M. Crane on the links below. Please continue to support artists like M. Crane and share this music with everyone you know.

Official Website – mcraneband.com

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