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Neak is a Chicago based Hip-Hop artist/producer who is currently gearing up to release two full-length albums this year. One is his self-produced album “KWESBAAR”, and the other is a new crew album “NRFS” with Chicago MCs/Producers Rashid Hadee and F.A.B.L.E., and MC/songwriter Sincerely Yours. Neak is the son of Robert Kelly of the R&B/Gospel/Soul group The Kelly Brothers who performed alongside legendary acts like James Brown and Sam Cooke. Being a product of his environment, Neak followed the path of musicianship set before him, naming artists like NasMos DefCommonLupe FiascoMF Doom, and Jay-Z as his main lyrical influences. Neak’s latest self-produced single is titled “Legacy” and he says the track “…touches on how I want to be remembered; through hard work while utilizing my God-given talents to be a vessel to serve others striving for greatness.”

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“Legacy” begins with gritty and soulful instrumental samples that are joined by high-energy drums and a steady groove. The musical tone is a blend of funky and ominous, hitting percussive pops in the rhythm while laying down an almost eerie melodic flavor that adds to the songs expressive intensity. Neak’s verses are full of vitality and he delivers his intellectual messages with precise and intricate rhyming patterns. His energy definitely is rooted in the classic eras of Hip-Hop; his vocal style is both mellow and forceful, giving his all into each line while calmly remaining in complete control. This is a perfect example of an artist who has honed and perfected his craft while still being experimental and challenging himself. Neak references several important issues throughout the verses exploring his place in the story while solidifying himself as a socially conscious MC. At the same time his smooth style and ability to attack the beat from every angle while staying in the pocket makes “Legacy” a fun track that’s booming with energy. You can listen to “Legacy” and follow Neak on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Neak and share this music with everyone you know.

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