“Fun, Inexpensive, and Productive Activities: Finding the Right Hobby for You” by Julie Morris

Last year, Julie Morris started learning how to play guitar. “It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, but despite constantly telling my clients not to get in their own way, I’d been getting in mine for years. Telling myself that I was too old to learn an instrument and that I’d be terrible at it anyway… but with each new chord learned, I feel a sense of achievement.” Julie has written an article about the benefits of learning new skills as an adult and provides guidance on how you can get out of your own way and achieve your goals.

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Fun, Inexpensive, and Productive Activities: Finding the Right Hobby for You

It’s very easy for busy people to fall into a rut. Forty or more hours a week spent in an office coping with the stress and building a career is an exhausting way to live life. So, you come home at night, turn on the TV, and settle in for another evening of inactivity. Maybe you’ve considered taking up a hobby but dismissed the idea because of the cost involved. However, if you spend a couple of hours one evening before bed looking for fun and productive new ways to occupy your time, you just might find a pastime that you can enjoy doing yourself or in the company of like-minded friends. Below are some budget-minded tips to get you going.


If you’re looking for a fun, healthy, and wholesome activity to do with friends, spend some time online investigating sports such as tennis, bowling, golf, or volleyball. Consider starting a team together and joining a recreational league. If you’ll need equipment, check out retail sporting goods sites for discounts or promotional codes; for example, you can often find promo codesand use couponsfor retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods. Sports also offers many opportunities for solitary pursuits that will keep you in good shape and in good spirits.

Arts and Crafts

One of the great thingsabout an arts-and-crafts-related hobby is that you can often do it on the cheap. Many times all it takes is some drawing pads, pencils, colored pens, and paintbrushes, which can easily be obtained using online savingsfrom a supply store like Joann. If you and your friends enjoy creating lovely objects with your hands and imagination, you can find plenty of ideas and project patterns online for free. You may even be able to find many of the materials you need right at home. It’s not only a fun way to spend time creating, it’s also therapeutic.


Whether you played in the school band or took piano lessons in your childhood, you might consider resuming what was once a promising musical career or learn to play a new instrument. Get some friends together, learn to play complimentary instruments and start a band. Or, if you prefer going solo, check out some YouTube instructional videosor look for a local teacher who offers reasonable rates. There are many free online tutorial videos and sites that offer free lessons. As you research online, keep an eye out for discounts (you can often find great dealsfor lessons through Groupon) for first-time students. You might even be able to secure a group discount if you can convince friends to join you.

Animal Fostering

Animal shelters sometimes offer fosteringarrangements so the animals in their care get a break from the crowded and stressful environs of a shelter. It’s an ideal activity if you love animals and bonding with friends. Check animal shelter websites for fostering opportunities in your area, and ask if they’ll provide food and supplies. Think of it as taking care of pets without the cost of adoption or medical expenses. It’s a humane, fun, and worthwhile activity.

Learn a New Language

Resume a language you began in years past or start fresh with a new one. There are a number of credible and inexpensive online resources to help you get started. Siteslike Duolingo, which is free, allow you to learn the language of your choice at your own pace and tracks your progress — you’ll even get email reminders when it’s time for the next lesson.

Hobbies have come a long way since the days of stamp collecting, coin collecting, and knitting. The internet can set you and your friends on the path to hours of learning and fun. It certainly beats five hours in front of the TV every night.

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