Various Artists – “Trap Cat Collective”

Trap Cat Collective is an association of artists from the Orlando area who have teamed up for a brand new album to showcase their artists. “The thought being that if artists would work together instead of working against each other, we could accomplish something even greater.” Giovanni Bertuol created the original idea for Trap Cat LLC along with three friends, because they wanted to create opportunities for local musicians in the music industry. They started booking shows back in June of 2017, but officially became an LLC in early 2018. The Trap Cat Collective album was released on December 3, 2018 featuring ten tracks from different artists.


The Album opens up with “Watercolors”, an emotional acoustic ballad from Addison Horner and Savannah Adams that has a bright and sweet energy. The next track kicks into a steady beat with an acoustic version of Blake Trent’s “I Need You”. The song has a cool and dark vibe, led by Trent’s soulful voice and giant guitar chords. The next song is the smooth and groovy “That Somebody” by Heather DeSanctis, its instrumentation blending jazzy chords with huge drums and tight production to support Heather’s sensual vocals. Zicchini’s “Battle Cry” is a moving track led by an acoustic guitar and booming with passionate energy. Austin Palmer’s “Prodigal Son” is a sweet and melodic tune that travels throughout beautiful and intricate guitar movements leading to the powerful verses. “Come Closer” by Linqo picks up the energy a bit into a sonically expansive track full of a passionate and spacey tone. Rachel Gentry’s “Begin” is another sweet acoustic lullaby with a playful rhythm and soothing tone with her soft and emotive vocals. “Raynard” is a quirky track by Hope Roman that blends quirky style with a haunting atmosphere over clean acoustic guitars and harmonized vocal layers. Abigail Cline’s “Dazzling Blues” is a dark and beautiful ballad that sounds like it’s from another time with its smoky strings sections and poignant melody. The album wraps up with “Sidewalk” by Joel Tyler, a song that fluctuates in tone and energy with personal lyrics that are relatable and sometimes snarky. The Trap Cat Collective album showcase each artist’s individual strengths and flavors while choosing songs that relate to each other well and make the entire thing flow. You can listen to the entire Trap Cat Collective album and follow them on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Trap Cat Collective and share this music with everyone you know.

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