Dustin Sellers – “Write It On The Wall”

Dustin Sellers is a singer/songwriter currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. He has been described as a “reformed alt-rocker with an old-school soul visage”. Sellers has released three full length albums and an EP to date, all with a continued theme of lost relationships. About writing Sellers said, “I’ve always wanted to write good songs regardless of where it may fit in today’s modern genres. I never put up any walls or restrictions when I’m writing. You never know what lovely accidents may happen.” He brings this sentiment into his latest singled, released on December 10th, 2018 and titled “Write It On The Wall”.


“Write It On The Wall” begins with a steady bass and drumbeat that’s both moody and rhythmic. The foundation is joined by melodic guitars and piano layers that give the song its tone while the intensity grows. The verses have Seller’s mellow and passionate vocals upfront telling a personal story that connects to any listener. The energy of the song builds into the chorus, instantly catchy and backed up by and infectiously groovy beat. The blend of different instrumental tones gives the track originality and a highbrow artistic flare while keeping its traditional classic writing style. The song maintains a cool atmosphere while driving into several exciting sections and epic guitar peaks. The melodic refrains are perfect for any crowd to join in and sing along. The track is perfectly delivered with tight arrangements and top-notch production. You can listen to “Write It On The Wall” on our Prime Cuts Playlists and Follow Dustin Sellers on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Dustin and share this music with everyone you know.




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