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Chris Tuttle is an American Songwriter, Composer, Producer, and Multi-Instrumentalist that has had his hand in an impressive array of projects in various corners of the music industry. He got his start playing in local dive bars in rural North Carolina and eventually moved on to touring the world and making records with iconic legendary artist such as Emmylou Harris, Jewel, Rodney Crowell, The Indigo Girls, and Raul Malo. The singles he has released have garnered praise for their “stellar production” (Mix 247 EDM), and their “cinematic nature…. highlight[ing] just how well an instrumental piece can convey a story without words” (Mix It All Up), dubbing them the “perfect backdrop for any occasion” (Rural Sounds).


In November 2019, Tuttle released his debut self titled 8-track acoustic/electronica/ambient album. Tuttle explains, “In the process of writing and recording for this album, I am walking a fine line between trying to keep elements of rhythm and composition people can relate to and pushing the sonic envelope a bit.” Chris has released three singles from the album “Ocean View”, “City Lights,” and “Silent Stars”.

“Silent Stars” takes the simple rhythmic patterns of electronica and enhances them with real melodic ideas and moving emotional vibes, giving depth and mindfulness to the upbeat percussive feel of the drums. The second track “City Lights” has a harder beat and cool atmosphere, utilizing production techniques to give it a trippy feeling along with it’s dramatic melodies and beautiful classic piano. “Overload” has mechanical and avant-garde style sounds throughout its plucky synthesizer led verses and lies along another tight and groovy beat. The next track, “Ocean View” has more of an upbeat tempo while continuing the though provoking instrumentation and musical composition that is woven throughout this album. “The Falls” has a more somber tone, led by an electric keyboard and a funky ½ time beat that gives the track swagger and attitude. It uses simplicity and silence to further enhance its creepy tone. “Arps in Love” has a retro feel with layers of giant syths, it takes different turns in direction and fluently guides you through a musical story. The next track “Sierra” begins with heavenly and ethereal tones that put you in a dream like state before the beat drops with its classic hip-hop feel and trippy tones and sampling. The final song is titled “Off the Grid” and has a super deep and moody feel to it. Once again led by electronic keyboards and aerial sounds, it uses simplicity to tell a dramatic story. Each track has it’s own unique personality while keeping a style and mood throughout the album, using instrumentation and melodic songwriting to tell a story without any words.

You can listen to the album and follow Chris Tuttle on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Chris and share this music with everyone you know.

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