Jan Dylan Hunter – “The Wobbly Cruiser”

Jan Dylan Hunter is a songwriter and multi instrumentalist originally from the Virgin Islands and currently based in Northern California. Hunter has lived and traveled around and considers himself a “world roamer”, these experiences and exposure to different cultures have greatly influenced and affected his music and creative energy. In March 2019 he released his 15-track LP “Nothing But The Sun?” and July 2019 saw the 10-track follow up titled “Clarity, Sanity, and Abundance”. Jan’s music is incredibly eclectic and unique, ranging from electronic to acoustic, utilizing instrumental pieces and thoughtful lyrical songs, and blending genres from around the globe. His latest release is the 12 song LP “Taking It All In” featuring the song “The Wobbly Cruiser”.


“The Wobbly Cruiser” begins with a super cool and groovy beat with hypnotic synth tones and smooth electric piano tones. The vocals come in with an extremely unique sound using filters and changing the pitch making the voice more of an animated character in the song. The vocals and phrasing have a hip-hop vibe to them with a very rhythmic flow and a confident swagger. The instrumentation has a classic electronic feel blending with a jazzy flavor of the keys and quirky melodic changes while the voice relays the story of “The Wobbly Cruiser”.




There are musical breakdowns that harken back to old school G-Funk records with a hard beat and funky clavinet sounds adding to the atmosphere and attitude of the song. This is a genre mixing uber cool track that stretching each sound in a funky new direction and is shining with distinctive personality, and every track on “Taking It All In” is equally original and very different in their own ways. The album is overflowing with rhythmic and percussive grooves layered with funky sounds and intriguing musical compositions. You can listen to “The Wobbly Cruiser” on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Spotify and Youtube and follow Jan Dylan Hunter on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Jan and share this music with everyone you know.

“Taking It All In” full album available at jandylanhunter.bandcamp.com

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